The Professional GBS™ Model

Building training from the ground up, supported by critical pillars and topped by forward-looking leadership.

A Model for Excellence

Starting and running a Shared Service organization is highly complicated and wrought with pitfalls. Equally complex is trying to build the expertise at every level, stage and area to deliver expected results. The GBS Professional™ Model addresses this complexity by breaking critical training into five digestible and targeted modules. Each builds on the last. Completing all five modules provides a holistic, deep appreciation of how to run a global-leading organization and comes with the distinguished certification: Certified Business Services Institute Professional BSIP™.





Ensures that everyone in your organization understands the opportunities, potential and basic best-practices of working in a shared service.

Performance Systems

This including Service Management, Operations Management and Transformational Management — creating the three vertical pillars that make up the core of your organization and require dedicated expertise, tools, models and best practices.


This overarching module typically is most impactful for mid- to upper-level leaders, enabling them to build and strengthen the organization and transform the business.

“The GBS Professional Model is about how to sequence the work involved in starting and running a world-class shared service organization. It includes how to articulate the value proposition to the business, how to transition into running professional services, how to drive transformation and how to build the leadership needed to be best-in-class.”


Filippo Passerini