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1. Foundation


GBS Foundation provides an introduction to Global Business Services and outlines all the key concepts required to develop a strong understanding of how to build and operate a professional GBS.  The Foundation course also provides the standard model and the terminology required to consistently develop advanced GBS processes.

6 Hours
Free Online Course or Instructor Led Training

2. Service Management


The GBS Service Management course essentially provides the framework
to professionally manage Shared Services like a business.  It provides the framework, standards and process training to manage all aspects of defining
a clear Service, pricing and benchmarking, creating strategies and innovation plans, and commercializing the Service.

12 Hours
Instructor Led Training

 3. Operations Management

The GBS Operations Management course outlines the approach, methodology and tools needed for running day-to-day operations, managing operational issues and driving continuous improvement methodologies.  This is an essential training for anybody working in either the Head Office or in Shared Service Centers.

12 Hours
Instructor Led Training

4. Transformation

    & Change Mgmt.

The GBS Transformation Management course provides the methodology to drive ongoing improvement in performance of GBS services, cost and customer satisfaction.  It brings together the known tools of project management with elements of business transformation and organization change which need to
play together in harmony for successful service transformations.

12 Hours
Instructor Led Training

5. Leadership


2The GBS Leadership course provides training and strategy development, organization management, stakeholder management and future state definition for GBS organizations.  It develops capabilities for strategic thinking in an industry that is undergoing dramatic change.  It helps GBS leaders articulate the current and future value of their organizations and to bring the leadership as well as their organizations along on the journey.

8 Hours
Instructor Led Training

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