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I am delighted to see that Inixia has pulled together proven, practitioner-centric, best in class techniques the help GBS organizations reach their full potential.

When GBS is executed the right way, it is a powerful force to deliver up to 50% cost reductions and perhaps 2-3X of that in additional value creation.

This is a great way to build the skills to make you successful in the eyes of your executive team

Novartis Business Services

Dan Rose , Head of Strategy and Operations,

Building and Running GBS organizations, needs professionals that leverage a very precise methodology that leads to success.

During my various IT and Shared Services roles, I have used and re-used proven GBS methods to finetune and detail every step of operational and financial governance, as well as capability building. Using a proven set of tools enables you to deliver value (cost, cash & revenue), process improvement and increase of controls.”

Mondelez International

Caroline Basyn , SVP, Information Business Service

The Professional GBS Certification program reinforces the concepts that any professional requires to operate effectively, with efficiency, to maximize cost reduction, to develop advanced GBS processes to be easier and faster, and to manage all the 360 frameworks to operate as an entire business.

The methodologies shared,  reinforce for me the best practices of operating GBS Organization.

The sharing of experiences by all the participants and the expertise of the teachers have been invaluable.

The sessions will help me leverage my strategic thinking and adapt more quickly in today’s changing world environment.”

The Estee Lauder Company

Omar Rios Raeder, Vice President, Panama Site Lead

“I will keep revisiting this course to recap what I may have missed.

It was good to see that a lot of our peers are having the same challenges. The problems are real problems; but so many have already been solved. We just need to reapply the solutions created by those who came before us.”

Kerry Group

Ram Hari, Global Head of Financial Services

“We were about to launch a new project and literally put it on hold and reorganized our approach based on proven strategies the Inixia team shared.

They saved us time and money and gained my team considerably accolades for work well done.”

Leading Industrial Manufacturing Company

VP Global Shared Services, (name withheld for confidentially)

“Fantastic session!”

“The expertise of the presenters is tremendous.”

“I wanted to keep going! The sessions were very engaging, very clear, very applicable.”



Shared Service Leadership Team

The content shared on the various areas of GBS operations has been fantastic and a true testament to the extensive experience of the speakers and professors.

Each class is unique and presented in a manner best suited to the topic.

The course also offers a great opportunity to connect and share learnings with fellow participants and GBS enthusiasts!

I truly feel like I have access to the most creative and advanced thinking in the world of GBS.”

The Estée Lauder Companies

Ilana Vorster, Global Director, Strategy and Operations

The current pandemic crisis has proven that GBS can be a reliable and powerful transformation engine for companies.

Professional GBS Certification and Trainings demonstrate the immense potential of evolving GBS as an industry.

This is untapped potential that no CEO or GBS leader should ignore.


Christian Mertin , Global Lead Partner for Finance Transformation and Global Business Services

“I will keep revisiting this course to recap what I may have missed.

It was helpful to see that a lot of our peers are having the same problems. The problems are real problems — but most have already been solved.”

Kerry Group

Ram Hari, Global Head of Financial Services,