Master Classes 



Focusing our expertise on your need

The aim is to raise the level of professionalism for your team, your organization and your company. If the full set of trainings is not what you need now, or you have already taken it, but need a bit more, we can help.



Pre-Designed, Topic-Based Trainings

For your leadership, a specific team, a service line or for everyone. Trainings can run from 1 – 3 hours.

Select topics from:

  • How to determine which services should move to GBS vs. staying in the business? 
  • What is the best strategy to transition work from the business into GBS?
  • How can GBS partner successfully with the business?
  • How to pitch GBS’ value proposition to a resisting business?
  • How to determine an optimal GBS resourcing strategy: insourced vs. outsourced?
  • How to set up a GBS budget?
  • How to fund GBS continuous improvement and innovation initiatives?
  • How to set up a robust GBS performance tracking and management process?
  • What is the “future generation GBS”?
  • How can GBS get the most out of BPO?

Customized Sessions

  • Speak directly with a GBS practitioner and trainer from Inixia to identify a topic and the training scope that would work best for you, your team, your organization.
  • Length and materials to be developed based on determined direction.

Contact us to set up your Master Class.  This should be another horizontal box.