Master Classes 



Pre-Designed, Topic-Based Trainings

For your leadership, a specific team, a service line or for everyone. Trainings can run from 1 – 3 hours.

Select topics from:

  • How to determine which services should move to GBS vs. staying in the business? 
  • What is the best strategy to transition work from the business into GBS?
  • How can GBS partner successfully with the business?
  • How to pitch GBS’ value proposition to a resisting business?
  • How to determine an optimal GBS resourcing strategy: insourced vs. outsourced?
  • How to set up a GBS budget?
  • How to fund GBS continuous improvement and innovation initiatives?
  • How to set up a robust GBS performance tracking and management process?
  • What is the “future generation GBS”?
  • How can GBS get the most out of BPO?

Customized Sessions

  • Speak directly with a GBS practitioner and trainer from Inixia to identify a topic and the training scope that would work best for you, your team, your organization.
  • Length and materials to be developed based on determined direction.

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