Growing Your Expertise

I truly feel like I have access to the most creative and advanced thinking in the world of GBS.

Ilana Vorster

Global Director, Strategy and Operations , Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.

What began as one phone call has turned into an ongoing partnership that is helping refocus and re-energize work.

VP Shared Services

Name and company withheld for confidentiality

All top-notch experts who achieved true excellence in GBS. We are already applying what we learned from them to our own journey.

Federico Cerisoli

Global Head of Shared Service Centers, Louis Dreyfus Company

Through our Trainings, Certification Courses, Advisory Services and Community Resources, we can help your entire organization, key functions or top leadership.

GBS Professional Trainings offered through the Inixia Business School Institute include five modules that build expertise in all areas of running a shared service.

By completing all trainings, you can show your expertise to your leadership, employers and colleagues with recognized industry Certifications. 

Our Advisory Services include:

  • Custom organization-wide trainings
  • Customized, topic-based sessions for key teams/leaders/events
  • Case-study sessions
  • QA sessions
  • 1:1 Advisory
  • Master Classes on selected topics
  • Guest presentations

 Included in our Community Resources are three Assessments that can help you determine the maturity of your organization, and thus build for the future. We offer:

  • Personal, Self-Assessment
  • Organization Analysis, which we do in cooperation with your team
  • Full Assessment, where we partner with you to do a deep dive on what’s working and where you need intervention, finetuning, strategic planning, expansion or transformation.