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We’ve been there; we can help

“I truly feel like I have access to the most creative and advanced thinking in the world of GBS.”

“What began as one phone call turned into an ongoing partnership that has transformed our work and heighten our impact.” 

“These are all top-notch experts who achieved true excellence in GBS. They are helping us on own transformation journey.”

Make our experience, yours.

Our mission is to share what we know — learned in the trenches — to help you reach and surpass your goals.

Our goal is for your organization to deliver maximum results in value creation, innovation, cost reduction and quality — while preparing for the next big opportunity headed our way.

Let’s work together to get you there.


Growth in value creation


Increase in Cost Reductions

A Few Ways We Can Help


Determining where you are on the shared service maturity progression is key in building next-stage strategies.  We can guide you through a deep self-assessment, or we can come in and do a full assessment with your teams.

Group Sessions

Our experts can create a topic-specific presentation, working session or strategy meeting for your shared service team.

Custom Trainings

We’ll design trainings that meet the needs of your team / leadership, whether you seek to improve quality metrics, running as a business, organization communications or continuous improvement.

Master Certifications

Already taken Professional GBS Trainings, and want your team to build deep mastery?

1:1 Counsel

As a shared service leader, challenges are ongoing. One of our experts can work with you to solve key issues, wicked problems or new opportunities.

Not sure what looks like help?

We’ve been there, too. We can talk through your situation and review options.

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