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We’ve been there.

We started with no roadmap, detoured and learned along the way. In the end, we got it right, building one of the largest and most widely acclaimed shared service organization in the world. From that, we developed proven models that will save you time, effort, cost and credibility.

How We Can Help

Unless you can say without pause that your shared service is doing all you had hoped for, and you know exactly where you are going next, Professional GBS can help.

Our tested strategies, models and best-in-class approaches will help you advance, grow and position your company for what’s next.

Our History

As  shared service leaders, we were continually asked to help organizations either starting or looking to improve their own shared service.

Regardless of their size, scope or maturity, we saw the same consistent struggles.

Our Experience

While it was not the aim, our work made headlines. Analysts, other companies and journalists all watched as we undertook building the largest and most complex shared service in the world.

Who are We?

Inixia’s founders created the shared services model when they formed and ran one of first  — and undeniably the largest, most ambitious, challenging and high-risk — shared services in the world.

Working for global consumer goods giant Procter and Gamble at the time, they brought together nearly 90 service lines from 80 areas of the world into a single organization. They stood it up in weeks, showed financial benefit in months and then continued to evolve it every year, earning a critical seat on the company’s leadership team, where they drove company strategy and high-impact transformation. Under their leadership, P&G’s Global Business Services organization was repeatedly named the best-in-class in the world.


Filippo Passerini - President

“There is a right way to run a shared service.

A strategic visionary known for his charismatic warmth, Filippo travels the world teaching and sharing best practices for shared service management, innovative thinking and transformational leadership.

He is the former CIO and GBS President at the Procter & Gamble Company, where he led the integration of P&G’s IT and services groups to form Global Business Services, one of the largest and most progressive shared services organizations in the world. Under his leadership, GBS delivered more than 170 services and solutions to the company’s employees in 80 countries. Innovative in structure, scope and philosophy, GBS continues to be a competitive advantage for P&G.

Filippo focused on transforming the way business is done — distinctivly anticipating business needs and delivering solutions that drove business value and helped P&G win with consumers.

Filippo has lived and worked in the UK, Latin America, Greece, Italy, Turkey, and the United States. Filippo’s leadership experience includes

category, country, and marketing general managemet, and he credits his diverse exposure to the business as one of the keys to success in partnering with cross-functional leaders.

His strategies, principles and business models have been featured in several books, articles and the Harvard Business Review. He has received numerous awards, including the inaugural Fisher-Hopper Prize for Lifetime Achievement in CIO Leadership, Shared Service Thought Leader of the Year, and InformationWeek’s Chief of the Year. Filippo is a member of the CIO Hall of Fame.

Filippo serves on the Board of Directors for United Rentals, is a Visiting Professor for the Politecnico di Milano School of Management and a Professor in Residence at Columbia University. A native of Italy, he earned his Doctorate in Statistics & Operating Research from the University of Rome.

Tony Saldanha - CEO

“As shared service leaders, we can transform business today for tomorrow.

Tony literally wrote the book on transformational change, making him an internationally recognized author, speaker as well as shared service and business leadership strategist.

He ran Procter & Gamble’s acclaimed multi-billion dollar GBS and IT operations in every region across the world during his 27-year career there.

Tony was Vice President, GBS Next Generation Services from 2015-2018 and prior to that, set up the first shared services center in the Philippines, program-managed P&G’s $8 billion outsourcing of IT and GBS, and also led the systems integration of the Gillette company into P&G as Gillette CIO in 2005.

He is experienced in running operations in every function in the enterprise as well as implementing major innovative approaches,

 including macro trends, new technologies, transformational business processes and human behavior predictors. His work focused on driving corporate growth, culture changing and making change the norm.

His book, Why Digital Transformations Fail,  was released globally in 2019 and ranked #1 on Amazon’s New Releases for Organizational Change, listed on publisher Berrett-Koehler’s best-sellers for July 2019, and recommended by various publishing forums like CEO-Reads, Book-Pal, CEO Library, Forbes and others.

Tony serves as a counselor, advisor and board member for several organizations around the world, aiming to foster positive change and growth.

Richard Lancaster - COO, CFO and Managing Advisor

“When you share best practices and proven models, you can make a lasting difference for an entire organization.

Richard is a strategic planning expert and transformation specialist with more than 20 year’s experience running, shaping and driving shared service excellence. Prior to joining Inixia, he served as Director of GBS Operations at the Procter & Gamble Company.

Richard led the adoption, implementation, and management of Business Intelligence technologies across P&G business units and global operations, critically accelerating data delivery, analysis and real-time shifts in strategy.

 He brings deep expertise in portfolio management and optimization as well as workflow systems and business planning systems.

Richard earned his Master’s in Chemistry and Professional Training from the University of Southampton and is driven to share what he has learned to help others.

Why Digital Transformations Fail

Digital transformation is more important than ever now that we’re in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Today, the lines between the physical, digital, and biological worlds are becoming ever more blurred. Digital transformation is key; and yet, fully 70 percent of digital transformations fail.

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