About the

GBS Professional™


Backed by Experts

Inixia’s GBS Professional Certifications are backed by the SSON, which has been calling for standardized training and accreditation to help evolve, professionalize and advance the industry.   In addition to SSON, the certifications are delivered in partnership with the University of Denver Daniels College of Business and the MIP, Politecnico di Milano, Graduate School of Business. 

Distinguishes your skills

Inixia’s GBS Professional™ Certification showcases to your leadership and prospective employers that you are trained in implementing proven shared service strategies, business models and best practices that across the industry are driving 3x better results than programs created in-house.

With a GBS Professional Certification, you will:

  • Bring to your organization the tools to build a successful shared service, regardless of its size, scope or stage of development.
  • Distinguish yourself as an expert in a fast-growing business area.
  • Fill what the SSON identified as an industry need for innovative thinking and strong leaders.

Gives You Proven Models and Strategies to Win

Inixia offers holistic trainings built from proven results, shaped by decades of hands-on experience and delivered by some of the top shared service leaders in the world.

Each training builds on the last, culminating in a thorough and practical education on how to best run a shared service to deliver business transformation. As leaders of the most successful Global Business Service (GBS) in the world, we were continually asked to help organizations either starting or looking to improve their own shared service.

Regardless of their size, scope or maturity, we saw the same consistent struggles