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Make our experience, yours.

Partnering with SSON

To raise expertise across our industry with:

1. Certification Training: Bulding experience, growing professionalism

2. Applied Knowledge Series: Addressing wicked problems

We aim to help you succeed.

“The most creative and advanced thinking in the world of GBS.”

“A partnership that refocused and re-energized our work.”

“A great way to build skills that make you successful in the eyes of your executive team.” 

“I will keep revisiting this course.”    

Welcome University of Denver!

Earn your GBS Professional™ Certification from one of the best business schools in the country!

(Fall 2021)

Did you know that by applying proven strategies and models you can help deliver . . .


50% more cost saving

2x the agility

3x the value creation

Make our experience, yours.

Make Our Experience, Yours

Started by expert shared service practitioners and leaders

After we saw companies repeatedly making the same mistakes

Mistakes we had already lived through and learned from

So, we outlined best practices

Developed industry standards

Packaged proven, winning strategies

Perfected it all with other industry leaders

And now are sharing it through trainings, certifications and advisory programs aimed at increasing the professionalism and success of the shared service industry – and everyone working in it.

Make our experience, yours.

Upcoming Programs and Events


Denver University

Professional GBS Certification Program

Denver University Daniels School of Business

1Q 2020. February 2021 – May 202





Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON)


Professional GBS Certification Program

5 Modules June-August 2021


Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON)


Applied Knowledge Series Training

Early 2021




News and Press Releases

SSON announces ground-breaking partnership with Inixia to provide Online GBS Certification

Press Release (11/16/2020)

SSON, a global forum connecting more than 170,000 shared services and GBS professionals, is partnering with a team of ex-P&G executives to launch a Professional GBS Certification Program.


Denver University to offer the Professional GBS Certification program in partnership with Inixia

Press Release (10/29/2020)

The University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business and Inixia have partnered to bring a Professional Global Business Services Certification to North America. 

Our Training Partners

We worked with some of the best organizations and leaders to develop GBS Professional trainings, certifications and advisory services.

And now we are partnering with three key global leaders to help us to share this knowledge to improve the level of professionalism across the industry, around the world.


Our Clients

We work with organizations large and small to develop capability and create value.

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